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Please Wait Here Floor Decal covid-19
Please Wait Here Floor Decal covid-19

12" x 18" Floor Decal - Please Wait Here

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covid-19 floor graphics to promote social distancing and help curb the spread of the virus. Removable 13mil decals are ideal for floors, they are scratch-proof and non-slip. They can also be used for various other indoor applications such as windows, doors and walls.
Part Number: Modell Printing - covid-19 Floor Decal
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10 $16.50
20 - 30 $14.00
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Full color social distancing floor graphics are removable and will help your business during the covid-19 outbreak.  Available in various pre-made designs and sizes.  These decals can have a wide range of applications and can be applied to floors, windows and walls.  Safe to be used for floor application, covid-19 floor decals are anti-scratch and slip-resistant, it is classified under UL 410 for floor graphics overlay applications.  Help your clients and staff curb the spread of covid-19 virus, let us together flatten the curve and contribute towards a healthier society.



Product Specifications:

  • Full Color Printing on 13mil removable white vinyl.
  • Ideal for indoor use on floors, walls and windows.
  • Pre-made design ready to order.
  • Promote health and hygiene practices during the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Turnaround time: 3-5 business days from time of order.

Social Distancing shoe print floor stickers

These shoe print floor stickers are perfect for telling people where to stand while waiting. It can be placed at multiple places through the market or a store. Before an aisle, you can place these safety floor signs so everyone will know where they can stand if there are too many people in that aisle.

It can tell the people that you are doing your part to provide your customer with a safe experience, and they will start following the sign to play there part. These signs can play a significant role during this pandemic and will provide your costumers with a sense of safety.

This shoe print floor stickers promote social distancing and can be used in multiple ways and multiple environments. They can be placed on the walls as well on the windows. Help to create awareness with these attractive and unique floor decal. Its printing is so perfect that it looks seamless. With its protective coating, it can even be placed on the road and will stay intact.  What are you waiting for, order before they ran out?

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