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Tradeshow Displays - Fitted Table Cover
Tradeshow Displays - Fitted Table Cover

Fitted Table Cover

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Custom printed and tight fitted table covers are unique and attractive. Washable and durable to be used over and over at tradeshows, exhbitions and private functions.
Part Number: Tradeshow Displays - Fitted Table Cover

Modell Printing fitted table cover is a unique modern twist on the standard table throw.  Made of premium quality tension fabric and custom cut to tightly fit either 6' or 8' tradeshow folding table.  With loops at the bottom, the fabric is secured on the table from all angles and the finished look is unique and eye catching.  Fitted tradeshow table covers can be custom printed to fit any size table both square cut or round.  Feel free to contact our team for more info regarding custom sizing.



Product Specifications:

  • Displays Size: Available for 6’ and 8’ tradeshow folding tables.  Custom sizing available upon request.
  • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs.


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