Social Distancing: Strategy to Flatten the Curve
As we try to make our new routines the “new normal” we’re faced with new challenges and uncertainties. However, in times like this, where the COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire, we must focus on what is in our control, that would help us in contributing to the fight against Coronavirus and that is “Social Distancing.” 


maintain 6 feet distance
As the name implies, it means avoiding close physical contact with others to prevent being affected by this highly infectious and contagious disease “Coronavirus.” Adhering to the guidelines set by the health experts as to how much distance is to be kept, it is recommended that a six feet distance must be maintained because Coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets. These droplets emanate when a person sneezes or coughs and can travel an average of six feet distance or less. Thus, keeping a six feet distance or more will ensure safety from these droplets. So, if you’re a business owner who wants to corroborate complete safety and prevention from the disease at your workplace or during your trade shows and events than Modell Printing is your definitive solution. We at Modell, are doing our best to create and provide protection through special COVID-19 social distancing safety products and hand sanitization stations to our valued clients and their customers. A new dedicated range of safety products will help you follow social distancing regulations and precautionary measures to stay safe amid the COVID-19 breakout. 



The social/physical distancing rules edict that you must avoid public gatherings and aim to keep 2 meters space between you and others when you’re out in public. Evade crowded places, stay at home as much as possible and only go out if it is necessary, following all the precautionary measures of wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face. Wherefore, if you want to ensure maximum safety of your workers and customers you're just a click away. Modell Printing is providing exclusive quality COVID-19 PPE which includes; Safety Face Shield that is FDA complaint using hospital approved materials. We provide custom branded Face Shield according to client-specific requirements. Also, Counter Top Protective Shield (Sneeze Guard ) made with strong durable plastic will safeguard your business dealings with clients and an easy to access Hand Sanitization Station will enable quick hand disinfection assuring all-out prevention and hygiene. These products are already being delivered to most of the offices all over Canada, Europe, and the USA. Canadian Medical Association Journal has also found that precautionary measures and closing of schools, public places, public transport, and asking people to stay at home have reduced the growth of COVID-19 cases by 30%. However, while keeping that distance you don’t need to socially isolate yourselves, rather stick together more than ever now and stay connected virtually for the time being.



This info graphic shows 2 bell shaped curves in red and purple, the red curve shows the number of patients without intervention and the purple curve shows number of the patients with intervention. the dotted line across the center depicts the capacity of health care systems and hospitals, if social distancing is practiced strictly, the curve will be flattened which will allow hospitals to take in and discharge patients without being overwhelmed, as a result, more people can have access to the care they need and thus fewer people will die. The World Health Organization indicated that the healthcare system must have five beds per thousand individuals in the face of this pandemic. As of 2018, Canada had an average of 2.5 beds per thousand people. This shows how important it is to flatten the curve and hence, Modell Printing is playing its part with utmost dedication assuring and compelling people to do the same. Now the question is will the measures of social/physical distancing mitigate the COVID-19? The answer is yes! Since there is a lack of a proper vaccine or definite treatment of Coronavirus, the only way to stop the spread is by social distancing.


For now, it's uncertain as to how long we will be obliged to follow stringent physical distancing practices. COVID-19 is unfolding daily, even though health professionals are struggling to do their best and be prescient, we can’t proclaim how far it will go. The sooner we're able to convince people to take the essential precautionary measures and comply with social distancing rules the more lives we can save. Modell Printing is continually developing COVID-19 protective and preventative equipment to help you stay safe. When our lives will begin to return to normal, we will appreciate even the smallest acts that we used to take for granted - shaking hands, hugging your loved ones, meeting a friend for coffee, or attending a concert - before the novel Coronavirus rolled in. So, let's do our part to curtail COVID-19 and “flatten the curve” together - but with a six feet distance apart